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Medical Cadeuc



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Often we are called upon to provide the medical profession with a list of ALL of the medications that we are currently taking. Nurse ImageThis can be a frustrating task, particularly in an emergency situation. Being realistic about it, how many of us could remember all of these medications if we should have to make a trip to the emergency room ? Doctor ImageAnd suppose you are in a condition where you are not able to communicate anything; then what? How about the poor spouse or loved one that is asked to supply this information; do they really know what medications that you are taking ? It could have a serious bearing on what treatment you receive.

One solution to this problem is a "Medical Information Form" that when properly filled out and placed in a conspicuous location, will greatly aid anyone responding to an emergency. The recommended location for posting this "Form" is on your refrigerator where most emergency personnel are trained to look for it. This "Medical Information Form" is available online for printing; just follow the instructions below. Note that it is importent to list ALL over the counter medications including Asprin.

We must point out that this particular form is not in any way connected to or sanctioned by any organization. The form is offered as a public service solely as a "helpful aid" in case of an emergency.

The idea is as follows:

1- Go to the page with just the form on it by CLICKING HERE and print out the Medical Information Form

2- Fill out the form with all of your CURRENT information.

3- Post it on the side of your refrigerator using magnets. If you don't want all of your personal information displayed, the form can be folded over so that just the heading is showing.


5- In the event of an emergency, make sure this form goes with the patient to the Emergency Room. Most emergency personnel today are trained to look on the refrigerator for this information but it is still a good idea to inform them. You should also take it with you if you are going to the hospital by yourself. (Note: It can be helpful on a regular trip to the Doctor's office as well).

In the event that you are unable to reproduce the form, stop in at the Washington Senior Center and they will gladly provide one for you.